1st Grade

  • 1st Grade Teacher Bio

    Hello! My name is Haley Martin. I teach 1st grade at SFdS! It is my first year here. My goal for this year for my first-graders is to be successful readers!

    I graduated from UW-River Falls with a Major in Elementary Education and a minor in Music. 

    I have one dog named Molly. I love to knit and someday hope to knit a sweater for myself!

  • First Grade Happenings

    Welcome back to the first grade classroom! We hope everyone has been staying happy and healthy! This year has been flying by for us. So much has been learned, and we have so many exciting things ahead of us to be learned!

    We have been putting our amazing imaginations to great use in our writing practice. We have: created our own snack inventions;written about imaginary pets; and, most recently, stood in the great shoes of Martin Luther King Jr., to write about what our dreams would be to make the world a better place. First grade imagination never ceases to amaze me, but what amazes me most is their ability to tap into what truly can help our world reach its potential.

    Science seems to be a class favorite, and we are able to explore lots of FUN science concepts! We had the opportunity to create our own musical instrument. We were able to see that sound is created by vibrations! We investigated what makes baby animals so CUTE, and we most recently discovered why there is sand on the beach. Zane Gallery and George Toft show us that boulders begin at the top of mountains MILES from the ocean. These boulders get pushed into a river by strong rainstorms, and as it goes downstream, it begins breaking apart, until it reaches the ocean as small little rocks we know as sand!

    We have also been able to take math concepts into the real world! Lauren and Roland show us how we can use tally marks to categorize and count objects that we have around the house! They took different types of plates and bowls to make a fantastic tally chart!

    These first-graders are taking this school year and making the best of it! They have such a joy for learning and putting their learned skills to good use! I am so proud to be able to watch them grow as individuals.