1st Grade

From Ms. Talbert, October 5, 2017

Happy fall from first grade! It has been a very busy first month of school. One of our big adventures during September was going to the library to get a tour and then everyone got their very first library card. The first graders were so happy to choose a book and check it out on their new card. They couldn’t wait to get back to school and read. Speaking of reading, we have completed the “Welcome Back Superkids” unit and will be starting “Adventures of the Superkids.”

In math, the most exciting thing we have started is Simple Solutions homework! We have completed our review unit and Unit 1 in our math books. In Unit 1, we learned about writing number words, ordinal numbers, story problems, greater than, less than, equal to, 1 less 1 more, and in-between numbers. We will begin working on Unit 2 this week and learning more about adding numbers.

We’ve been introduced to interactive science journals and what scientists do and the tools they use. During our recent science lab, leaf chromatography, we made predictions, collected and prepared specimens, conducted an experiment, and recorded our results.

We had a lot of fun in social studies and religion preparing for Grandparents Day. We read “Grandpa Had a Windmill, Grandma Had a Churn,” “How to Babysit a Grandpa,” and “How to Babysit a Grandma.” We also discussed and wrote about why grandparents are great. We learned about Sts. Anne and Joachim and a grand-parent’s prayer written by Pope Benedict. If you haven’t had a chance to read the prayer, we have the prayer and our pictures hanging outside the first grade classroom. We are always happy to share what we are learning!