1st Grade

From Ms. Talbert, April 12, 2017

Happy Easter from First Grade! The first couple weeks of spring have been full of learning and excitement. Everyone has been excited that we have been able to finally go outside without snow pants and boots! Superkids have kept us busy with reading, writing, spelling, and phonics.

In math, we just finished our unit on regrouping with addition and have begun our unit on regrouping with subtrac-tion. After Easter break, we will be starting a unit on fractions. We will be finishing up the year with lessons in geometry, money, and measurements.

States of matter, energy, and force have been the last units that we explored in science. We just started our environment, biome, and animal unit learning about eggs, baby chicks, parts of a chicken, and the life cycle of chickens. Our big science project for the end of the year will be researching and writing about an animal of each students’ choice.

We continue to learn about bible stories, saints, and our Call to Faith book in religion. We have had the opportunity to join the 2nd grade class in doing the Stations of the Cross during Lent. A big thank you to Mrs. Leckel and all the 2nd graders for working with us on this.