2nd Grade

From Mrs. Leckel, October 12, 2017


Autumn has arrived with beautiful scenery and crisp air. Our first month of school went fast and it seems the second month is going just as fast.

Language Art/Reading-Superkids - We finished our 1st unit in Superkids. We discovered it is a little bit different than 1st grade as there is more independent work, more reading, and LOTS of writing. The students are really enjoying reading in our magazine SUPER. Lots of fun and great nonfiction information.

Math - Students are really working hard in math. We are able to complete 3-4 pages a day in unit 1 which is mostly review. As we get deeper into math, we are realizing it takes a little more work and effort. Right now we are starting unit 2 with rounding to the nearest ten, even/odd numbers, and skip counting by 3s and 4s.

Science - We just finished our first unit in science -Work Like A Scientist. Scientists ask questions about the world around them. They find answers by investigating through many methods. Scientists are continually look-ing for new ways to solve problems by using different science tools and observing the world around them. Stu-dents enjoyed our hands on experiment by answering the question of Does food coloring spread faster in cold water or warm water?