3rd Grade

From Mrs. Langland, April 27, 2017

As I look at the calendar, I realize that this is probably my last newsletter update for this school year. The Third Graders have been so busy learning and growing! The school year has gone by so quickly!

In Math we have spent a lot of time working on mastering our multiplication facts. The students were pleased to see how memorizing those facts help them to not only do their multiplication problems more quickly, but how it helps them with their division problems, too. These last weeks of class will be spent learning two digit multiplication, divi-sion, and simple fractions. The Third Graders have come a long way in their Math lessons since last fall!

We are learning about adverbs in our English lessons. The last chapters have lessons on punctuation and mechanics, and then some diagramming. Vocabulary lessons continue to go well; students are using, and know the meanings of many new words. Spelling lessons are going well, too. Penmanship books are used for handwriting practice, and cur-sive handwriting is improving. Practice will make it better as time passes. We are continuing to work in our reading comprehension workbooks, as well as our phonics workbooks. We recently finished reading Sarah Plain and Tall in our Reading classes. The next novel is going to be Frindle by Andrew Clements.

In Science the final lessons are about matter. Our Social Studies classes are finishing the year learning about lessons on diversity and pride in being an American. We will also be working on a simple research project about land forms. This project will combine topics that we have learned in our Science lessons as well as our Geography lessons this year. It will be an opportunity to learn some simple research skills, and write a report from start to finish.

In Religion classes we are continuing to learn about the Church and the Sacraments. Every day we take time to pray for others and count our blessings.
The year is almost over. I have enjoyed and appreciated my Third Grade Class so much! We have been busy and learned a lot together!
May God bless you.