3rd Grade

From Mrs. Kromer, October 19, 2017

We have been busy in our classroom so far this year!

We’ve been reading the second book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, which we were lucky enough to have lent to us by Cam’s mom (Thank you, Julie!). As we story map while reading, we learn about plots, settings and themes, as well as problem solving through the characters!

In science we are excited about STEM Fridays! We have constructed beds for Goldilocks (most of which could also hold all three bears as well!), water slides for a Minion, hurricane worthy houses for the Minion, and airplanes made from many different types of materials There are more incoming fairy tale based STEM activities and I’m pretty excited to see what my students can do with them!

Social studies has found us assembling a notebook of the United States! We have started with Wisconsin which we will be completing this week before moving on to the next state!

As this is being composed, we’re looking forward to our field trip to the Burch Barn! I’m certain we will all do well and have a lovely time! Be sure to ask your K-3 student about our trip!