5th & 6th Grade

September was a busy month for the students in grades 5/6.  Our schedule is very different this year than in previous years, and we are all getting used to being where we are scheduled to be at the accorded time.

Our classes have been keeping us busy. The class is reading the novel The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell.  It has us all engrossed in the living situations of Karana, in history known as Juana Maria, the Lone Woman of San Nicolas, and how she survived alone for eighteen years on an island before she was rescued in 1853.  We have studied lessons in spelling, vocabulary, and about nouns and how they are used in sentences.  In math there have been review lessons on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and now division.  History lessons have taken us from learning about the earliest residents of North and South America, through the early explorers, and now on to the beginnings of our nation.  Our religion classes have been about stewardship and signs of God's love for us.  Science lessons have been about the changing earth.

And here we are, already in October.  There are still so many blessings, new ideas, and concepts to learn about as the school year progresses.  We will continue to stay busy, learning and enjoying the time we spend together in 5/6 grade.