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Next year 2 Pete 05/29/2020 05/31/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 5 Hailey 05/22/2020 08/12/2020
Kara,  We will not be here for your real birthday so...... HAPPY SUMMER BIRTHDAY  I hope we can get together to celebrate!!!!! ~ Hailey
Baby Fawn 1 Pete 05/20/2020 05/20/2020
 Just saw a baby fawn right after our meeting.  To see it  go onto youtube and look up BABY FAWN SIGHTING!!!!!! Its the same size as my cat.
My chicks came! 7 Levi 05/13/2020 05/18/2020
my new chicks finally came, and I don’t really know what I should name them. We can’t put them in the chicken coop I built last summer for a few weeks. I’ll show them on the meeting ... read more
Timeline 3 Levi 05/04/2020 05/05/2020
If anyone wants a Star Wars timeline for May the Fourth, here’s one. The series finale of clone wars came out this morning, it was very sad and there was a lot of symbolism
History 0 Pete 05/04/2020 05/04/2020
Its not 492 its 942
Tucker's picture 0 Hailey 04/30/2020 04/30/2020
 I hope this works if it does its a picture of Tucker.
Check this out 3 Levi 04/30/2020 05/04/2020
Apparently this footage was leaked years ago, but the Government just now confirmed it to be real. https://youtu.be/PLbosBj9D
Birthday 0 Pete 04/27/2020 04/27/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                         Pete
Antlers 6 Levi 04/15/2020 04/17/2020
I’ll show the albino buck’s shed antlers tommorow on the meeting, as suggested by Pete ~Levi
Beaver 2 Pete 04/15/2020 04/15/2020
Last week I shot 2 beavers in our pond. The 1st one we caught it while it was going down the river, and we skinned and the second one just SANK!!!!!
I miss you all 7 Levi 04/08/2020 04/14/2020
Yesterday morning there was a huge hailstorm, and when we were eating dinner we saw the albino buck and a Tom turkey in the field. The albino buck is already starting to grow his antlers bac... read more
Keeping busy 0 Pete 04/07/2020 04/07/2020
Ive been busy enough.                 Pete
Happy Birthday 3 Hailey 04/03/2020 04/03/2020
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLA Happy 13th birthday Isabella! I can't wait to see you guys. I hope you like being a teenager;)  Happy Birthday Isabella ~ Hailey      
Letters 2 Hailey 04/01/2020 04/03/2020
  Mrs. Langland We were instructed to write a letter to someone who needs it, should I just send it to them or wait and turn it in so you can see it. I could send you a copy, so h... read more
Keeping busy 0 Mrs. Woodworth 03/25/2020 03/25/2020
Ben and I have been busy :)