Exploring Your Options

Choosing the educational environment in which your child will spend the better part of their first 18 years is not an easy decision. There are many considerations and various options.

The Mission of St. Francis de Sales School, in conjunction with the cluster parishes of St. Joseph’s and St. Catherine’s, and the Diocese of Superior, is to provide Catholic education of the highest quality to students from three-year old preschool through 8th grade in Spooner and the surrounding areas. Welcoming students of all faiths, we offer a well-rounded academic curriculum with opportunities for individualized attention in a faith based Catholic education environment. With love and respect for each one as a child of God, students are encouraged to develop their faith, talents, Christian character and the virtues of discipline, responsibility and empathy to their fullest potential. In a family-like atmosphere, St. Francis de Sales School strives to make the world a better place starting in our own homes and surrounding community.

The St. Francis de Sales 8th-grade graduate has many qualities
that help define him/her upon graduation.

The St. Francis de Sales graduate is...
  •  Responsible
  •  Ambitious
  •  Organized
  •  Hardworking
  •  Focused
  •  Accomplished
  •  Tech savvy
  •  Pious
  •  Faith-filled
  •  Devoted
  •  Prayerful
  •  Loving
  •  Respectful of all human life
  •  Knowledgeable in their faith
  •  Caring toward God’s creation
  •  Service oriented
  •  Empathetic to the less fortunate
  •  Respectful of self
  •  Helpful
  •  Optimistic
  •  Full of a desire and yearning for God
  •  Respectful of others
  •  Honest
  •  Kind
  •  Unselfish
  •  Modest
  •  Caring
  •  Cooperative
  •  A team player
  •  Adaptable
  •  Able to resolve conflicts peacefully
  •  Respectful of his/her own body - treats it as a temple
  •  Healthy in mind, body, and spirit
  •  Aware of healthy habits for eating, sleeping, and grooming
  •  An example of good sportsmanship
  •  Fit

The primary alternative in the Washburn County area is the public school system offering a secular education. Homeschooling is another option some in our area have chosen. None of the three can be compared side-by-side and they should not be viewed as competitors. Each one offers things the others cannot. 

We encourage parents to reflect on their educational goals, learn about their choices and consider the tools and environment St. Francis de Sales offers as a viable option.