Fine Arts & Phy Ed

From Mrs. Medley, November 16, 2017

Congratulations to Alexander Allen who performed in the Wisconsin State Choir in Madison on October 28! Every year, over 1400 students from all over the state audition for these prestigious WSMA Honors Project Ensembles (band, orchestra, and choir) and only 300 are selected. Also, on Sunday, December 3, Jeffrey Rongner and Andrew Nauertz will perform in the annual Intermezzo Advent Concert. Jeffrey will play “Angels We Have Heard on High” on trumpet and Andrew will perform “We Three Kings” on the piano. The program will be held at the Spooner Wesleyan Church at 5:00pm. Our students continue to make us very proud!

This has been a very eventful week! On Wednesday, all three bands, 4th Grade, 5/6 Grade and 7/8 Grade Bands performed for our special “Donuts with Dad” celebration. St. Francis de Sales has 48 students studying a band instrument and we are making a joyful noise!

Saint Francis de Sales Middle School will present The Lion King, Jr. on March 1-3, 2018. Auditions for this amazing musical were held this past week and I am very impressed with the talent and enthusiasm of our students. The entire cast will be posted tomorrow. Even though some students will not get the specific part they hoped for, this is a big production that offers many opportunities for each student to shine! The Lion King, Jr. is the biggest production our school has ever undertaken - 33 cast members with over 75 COSTUME CHANGES! Please start looking for the following items: Old baseball caps (that can be ripped apart), yards of Afri-can/Animal material, and lots of cardboard. We will need 15 sheets of heavy duty cardboard, 3 feet by 4 feet each, to construct the gazelles, wildebeest, and several other exotic animals. Our school musical is a required event for all students in grades 5-8. Please check your vacation schedules so that there are no conflicts.

On Friday, December 22, we will feature all St. Francis de Sales students in our Christmas Concert and Children’s Program. Preludes begin at 12:45 and the formal concert starts at 1:00. Students will be allowed to go home with their families after the program. Details will be posted soon!

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to perform in the Wisconsin State Solo/Ensemble event to be held on Satur-day, January 27, at Spooner High School. Participants will play or sing for respected adjudicators to receive com-ments and performance ratings.

May all your families have a safe and delicious Thanksgiving break!

From Mrs. Cahill, November 30, 2017

I hope everyone had a warm and safe Thanksgiving break!

This time of year makes me reflect more than ever on what I am thankful for. There are so many wonderful things in life to be thankful for. One of mine is: I am very thankful to have such a creative and talented group of students to work with. Because of this, Art class has been a true adventure.

So far this year, we have looked at abstract, modernist, impressionist and folk art. Some of the artists we have learned about are Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky, who were abstract artists; Georgia O’Keefe (the moth-er of American modernism), who is known for her large scale flowers; Claude Monet (French impressionist), who is known for his water lilies; and Grandma Moses, an American folk artist (who started seriously painting at age 80!!!). Our students seem to really enjoy hearing about artists from the past and seeing some examples of their artwork.

There have been some fantastic results from our art lessons. I am trying to send things home in a timely fashion, but I do love to display the fabulous art that is being created. If you have a moment, you can see some hung in our lunchroom. I am looking forward to seeing what else we can create!

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

From Mrs. Coblentz, December 7, 2017

I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach P.E. this year to the kindergarten through 6th graders.

We are having so much fun and have been blessed with weather that allows us to be outside. We have been working on strength, coordination and balance in our warm-up exercises, as well as running drills to improve our aerobic system. The younger grades are focusing on the basics of throwing and catching and we even got a special basketball hoop from Mr. Jim to work on shooting skills. “What time is it Mr. Fox” has been a favorite for kindergarten to work on hopping, skipping and jumping and first and second grade to practice dribbling a basketball. A team game called “Rescue Yoda” has been a fun game for the 3rd through 6th graders. We have done some volleyball, soccer, and basketball across all grades and are currently working on improving kickball skills as it is a favorite at recess. It is such a pleasure watching them learn and improve, thank you all for sharing these amazing kids!

We try to end each class with the students telling me something they are thankful for. I believe “gratitude can change your attitude” and sending them back to class with a happy thought is my intention. I love all the answers I hear and wanted to share that very often the answer is “my family” and “my parents.”

I am thankful for St Francis de Sales School and all the staff and families that have been so welcoming to me as the new P.E. teacher.