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Together as We Pray- Dedicated to the students of SFdS School by Janet Medley

Apples and Bananas/Roll Over/There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This Old Man/I'm a Little Teapot/The Muffin Man

London Bridge/Three Little Kittens/Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Shelter Me- Fr. Michael Joncas

This Little Light of Mine


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Everyone Sing-Along: Somebody's Knockin

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Friday Fun Day 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/29/2020 05/29/2020
Get Outside and do your Happy Dance! Have a great weekend!
Thankful Thursday 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/28/2020 05/28/2020
Thankful for the lessons we have learned through this time. As always gratitude can change your attitude. Think about something that has been good over these last few weeks and be thankful. Make it a ... read more
Training Tuesday 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/26/2020 05/26/2020
Get outside and run today. Even if you never run, try a run walk. Start by walking for 5 minutes, then run for 1 min then walk for 2 min. This is an easy way to increase your intensity. Make sure you ... read more
Friday Fun Day 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/22/2020 05/22/2020
Happy Friday all! Enjoy the weekend, practice your field day events and have some fun. Send me a picture of your card or drop it off at school to get a field day token for your shoe! Make it a great d... read more
Walking Wednesday! 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/20/2020 05/20/2020
Walk like a kid  today. I started out for a run early this morning and was reflecting on a poem by TS Elliot. I decided to walk like my kids do and just appreciate all the little bugs, flowers, r... read more
Training Tuesday 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/19/2020 05/19/2020
Find ways to exercise outside today. Here are some examples: Use a log to do step ups Balance walk on a log Use a strong tree branch to pull yourself up - this is actually a great full body e... read more
Monday May 18 0 Mrs Coblentz 05/18/2020 05/18/2020
If you participate in the "Field Day" and turn in your score card, you will earn a field day token. I will post winners for each event and you can earn a trophy token. These tokens go on you... read more
Fun Friday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/15/2020 05/15/2020
Get outside and create your own obstacle course today. Be creative, could be like stations if you don't have things to use for obstacles. Time yourself and see if you can improve your time. Always... read more
Thankful Thursday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/14/2020 05/14/2020
  WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TODAY? GRATITUDE CAN CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! Today I am thankful that I will get to see some of you tomorrow! I have art projects to hand out and a pile of art ... read more
Question of the week/Mindful Monday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/11/2020 05/11/2020
How can you can connect mind-body-spirit? Come up with your own idea and share. For example - set a goal that during your exercise (strengthening your body) to think of three things you hav... read more
Art tours 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/11/2020 05/11/2020
Check these out!    The Van Gogh Museum     The Smithsonian Renwick Gallery read more
Art "Scavenger Hunt" 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/08/2020 05/08/2020
Avery Coonley Playhouse Frank Lloyd Wright Find something in your house that is the primary color that is NOT used in this art!     Water Lilies - Monet ... read more
Fun Fitness Friday! 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/08/2020 05/08/2020
I have a fun way to do your sit-ups, some classes have done this. We use a beach ball at home but you could use any type of soft ball or stuffed animal. Get a partner and lie on your backs with your k... read more
Thankful Thursday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/07/2020 05/07/2020
Good morning! Do something nice for Mom today! Hugs are great! Smiles are free! Make it a great day!
Walking Wednesday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/06/2020 05/06/2020
This weekend is Mothers Day! Try to get out and walk with your Mom today or at least say a prayer for her while walking. It looks like a warm sunny afternoon, hope you all get out to enjoy it!
Tuesday Training 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/05/2020 05/05/2020
I am working on a challenge that I saw from an ultra marathoner who does 100 milers. It is 5 body weight exercises 10 times each, and repeat 10 times. Right now I am doing half of the rounds, every ot... read more
Mindful Monday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/04/2020 05/04/2020
Today focus on what you can do instead of what you can not! Be mindful of every negative that crosses your mind today and counter it with a positive or even two. Make it a great day!  
Game Tactics 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/04/2020 05/04/2020
Tactics are the skills required in any game that allows a player or team to effectively use their talent and skill to the best possible advantage. Tactics are plans which are ... read more
Friday Fun Day 0 Carolyn Coblentz 05/01/2020 05/01/2020
The weather is wonderful! Hoping you have all been outside having fun in the sun. If it starts to rain this afternoon like they are predicting, get some rolled up sock and your laundry basket and see ... read more
Thankful Thursday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/30/2020 04/30/2020
Today I am thankful for challenges. The most difficult climbs provide the best views. Keep moving forward and keep  your eyes on the top of the hill, it will be worth the effort. If you can ... read more
Walking Wednesday! 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/29/2020 04/29/2020
Happy Wednesday! Today walk with purpose and determination, think of all that has been good in the last few weeks. I keep hearing wonderful things that people have done and accomplished, and I am sure... read more
Training Tuesday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/28/2020 04/28/2020
What physical activity inspires you? Hiking, biking, dancing? Whatever brings you joy do that today for at least 20 minutes. I love trail running and because of some bears on my trails I have been sti... read more
Warm - Ups 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/27/2020 04/27/2020
Warmups Choose a few of these that you enjoy, put on some music if you need motivation.  Walking Lunges   Walking lunges are the same as basic standing forward lunges, except... read more
Monday April 27 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/27/2020 04/27/2020
Luke 1:37 For nothing shall be impossible with God The warm-up should be easy movements to  prepare the body for exercises by slowly increasing the heart rate and get the h... read more
Friday Fun Day 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/24/2020 04/24/2020
Looks like a beautiful day today! Get outside and practice some balancing exercises. Do one leg squats or our hip exercises we do on one foot. Try to stand on one leg and touch the ground in front of ... read more
Thankful Thursday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/23/2020 04/23/2020
Today I am thankful for all the signs of spring! Have a happy Thursday everyone! "Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be" - Good Housekeeping  
Walking Wednesday! 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/22/2020 04/22/2020
Happy Earth Day! If you have not seen my art project for the week, it is to create a pattern with things found in nature. Collect some things while out walking today. Be respectful and pick things ... read more
Nature Pattern 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/20/2020 04/20/2020
Create a pattern with things you find in nature. My photo will not post for some reason, so I will keep trying but use your imagination. My circular pattern was made of pine cone petals, pine needles,... read more
Monday Mindfulness 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/20/2020 04/20/2020
Today be mindful of your posture. As you are sitting or standing try to remember to be tall in posture. Do a wall sit or stand with your shoulders against the wall for one minute to improve your postu... read more
Grand ole Duke of York 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/20/2020 04/20/2020
The Grand ole Duke of York,  He had ten thousand men He marched them all to the top of the hill (march with hands high) and marched them down again (squat down and march low) when you... read more
Thankful Thursday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/16/2020 04/16/2020
Today I am thankful for YOU!     For each new morning with its light, for rest and shelter of the night  for health and food for love and friends for everything thy... read more
Wendsday's Words 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/15/2020 04/15/2020
This is my mental focus to work on today when I exercise. Mind-Body-Spirit all at once. Repetition in prayer and exercise. Trust in the Lord  with all your heart, and lean not on our own... read more
Tuesday Training 1 Carolyn Coblentz 04/14/2020 04/14/2020
This is for all who need a little motivation today! 10 for 10 Tuesday Training! Pick 10 "exercises" and do 10 repetitions. I will be spreading mine out over the day and I have listed some id... read more
Fruit of the Spirit 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/14/2020 04/14/2020
I have attached the "Fruits of the Spirit" as well as my sketch. Post your sketch or send me an email. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this! I know you all can create beautiful an... read more
Action Figure 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/14/2020 04/14/2020
Good morning Sophia, Excellent job on your dancer! I can tell you put a lot of chraftsmanship into this sculpture and I agree with Isabella that the colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing and ... read more
Action Sculpture 2 Sophia Smith 04/13/2020 04/13/2020
Here is my action sculpture.  I love to dance.
Wednesday Walking Worship 1 Carolyn Coblentz 04/08/2020 04/09/2020
Good morning all! Missing our Wednesday mass together, so instead of workout Wednesday I am doing a Walking Worship Wednesday. As I walk today I will bring with me Psalm 91 to pray. I will also hav... read more
Another try a sculpture picture 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/07/2020 04/07/2020
If you could not open the last one, try this. Let me know if you are still having trouble. 
Sculpture 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/07/2020 04/07/2020
Short prayer and picture "Thank you for this new day that you give to me to live in faith. I do not know everything that will come but I rest in your care and I move on. Amen"  
Training Tuesday 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/07/2020 04/07/2020
Good Morning! I have a Tuesday Training challenge, let's work on our core muscles. Some of you have done the bean bag slide game while holding a plank position. Pass a bean bag across to your part... read more
Monday Mindfulness 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/06/2020 04/06/2020
Happy Monday Everyone! Mindfulness is being aware of something. Today I have attached a mindfulness activity to start of your day with a plan to stay mindful. Make your own, be creative! Have a fabulo... read more
Friday inspiration 0 Carolyn Coblentz 04/03/2020 04/03/2020
Re-reading this today and wanted to share! Make it a great day everyone!
Gratitude Tree 0 Carolyn Coblentz 03/31/2020 03/31/2020
Gratitude tree
Website to keep you moving 0 Mrs Coblentz 03/27/2020 03/27/2020 The Birkie website has put together some excellent tips and routines to keep you moving! Check it out!  
4-8 Art 0 Carolyn Coblentz 03/26/2020 03/26/2020
tennis ball
Walking Picture 0 Mrs. Zeien 03/25/2020 03/25/2020
Hey Everyone~ If you get out for a walk, email me a picture!  I will post them:)
Keep Moving! 0 Mrs. Zeien 03/24/2020 03/24/2020
Thank you, Mrs. Coblentz!  Your PE posts are keeping me moving when it is hard to get motivated.  I did the 2nd grade workout today:)