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From Ms. Baranczyk, April 6, 2017

I think it is safe to say that springtime is finally here. As the weather warms up, the kids are eager to get outside as much as they can. I call this the clicking time of year when I see their eyes light up and a lot of smiles as things start to “click” in their little minds. Things that were challenging at the beginning of the year are now easy for the kids to accomplish.

We have started our last 7 letters of the alphabet. The kids are so excited to read a new Superkid adventure eve-ryday. We just recently read a story on how Golly gets hurt. The Superkids rush to see the Veterinarian and she helps make Golly feel better. The Superkids make gifts for the animals that are sick in the pet hospital too. With each story we learn new words that we can sound out and new words that are do not follow the rules. Our memory words need to be locked into our brain.

In the last quarter we had a big Kindergarten celebration. We celebrated the 100th day of school. The kids wrote and counted numbers all the way to 100. This is very exciting for them to finally accomplish this goal. We also have been comparing bigger numbers. We are moving to the side of the room depending on which number is bigger. The month of March was all about Money. We added coins, paid for things and even played a coin exchange game. In March we also started to tell time on an analog clock. We may not know the exact time but we are getting pretty good at telling time to the nearest hour and group of five.

In Religion we have been learning about the sacraments. The Catholic Church celebrates seven sacraments. Each sacrament is a special blessing that we receive. We have spent time in the church learning where we can find each of these special blessings.

In science we spent some time learning about the water cycle. We learned a cool song where we practiced words like evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. To end the unit we made our own little water cycles out of plastic bags on the windows. Now that spring has arrived, we are learning about plants. This past week we made posters to tell us exactly what plants need to survive.

There are so many things that we have done in the past couple of months. They truly have grown up and it brings tears to my eyes to see that they can finally reach the top hook in the hall. It wouldn’t be long now until they will be big first graders.