From Ms. Baranczyk, January 12, 2018

I really enjoy this time of year. The time when the students come back from Christmas break and they just take off. After we adjusted back to the normal classroom routines, we really started to learn and have fun.

In the Kindergarten classroom we are starting to read words instead of just guessing at them. They try to read and write everything they can. We have met 11 of our Superkid friends. Pretty soon we will learn about the bus and how they become the Superkids Club. We are also reading basic words independently. The books they are reading have more words in them and are getting just a bit bigger. We are even learning how to write complete sentences.

In math we are working towards our 100th day of school. We are skip counting and practicing writing numbers. Currently we are doing basic addition and soon we will be starting basic subtraction facts. We started adding blocks together and now we are moving on to just numbers and touch points. It has been great to see those light bulb moments.

In Religion we have been focusing on Jesus and His time on earth. The children are becoming strong and faith filled Christians. (Ask a Kindergartener what it means to be a Christian!) I really feel the Holy Spirit move in these children as we cover things like the Bible, Rosary, Saints, and vocations.

We have been really busy in Kindergarten. Be sure to check out our artwork hanging in the hallway!