Lunch Information

  • March Lunch Menu
  • School Wellness Policy


    School Meals

    Students are highly encouraged to participate in the school meal program. 


    The following goals are in place in the school lunch program:


    • No fried foods are preparedÍž foods served that were traditionally prepared in fryers are always oven baked.
    • Low-fat milk choices are always available.  
    • Only monounsaturated oils are used in cooking.
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables are served as often as possible, given their availability and affordability.
    • Vegetables are only lightly seasoned with saltÍž salt shakers are not put out for students, although pepper and sometimes other flavorings are available.  
    • Use of processed foods is limited to the extent possible.
    • Half of the served grains are whole grain.


    Parents are partners in the hot lunch program:


    • They are asked to share knowledge of any food allergies with the hot lunch personnel. That information is shared with all school personnel as well.
    • Parents are welcome to share their wishes regarding restricting food amounts and types to individual children for reasons of healthy weight loss or gain.
    • Parents are invited to eat the hot lunches with their children, with only the courtesy of a pre­call to school office.


    Cold lunch students are not allowed to have soda or sports drinks with their lunches and are encouraged to pack a healthy lunch.


    Free and Reduced­-Priced Meals

    Families who qualify for free and reduced meals are encouraged to participate. All information is strictly confidential. Participation has a direct benefit in funding to our school.