Pre-School 3

From Mrs. Hewitt, March 16th, 2017

Greetings from PreK 3!

It is so wonderful to see the growth in so many ways in my students. They are taller, more mature, self-assured, independent, and eager to learn. They arrive each morning ready to start their day by looking at our daily sched-ule to check to see who leads the list for line leader and ask to start their art project. Their ability to share with others and care about each others’ feelings warms my heart.

This week we are working on the Letter W and are learning about our weather. We made rainbows, discussed how they are made, looked at the snow and how the sun makes it melt into water, and used straws to blow our paint as we painted raindrops. We read books about snowy days, windy days, sunny days, and of course rainy days. My students have noticed how close we are to the end of the alphabet and how many letters we have added to our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree and are excited about how many they have learned. We are also dis-cussing what we need to work on to be ready for Mrs. Waltz’s class when they will be the “big” kids.

We have also been making some fun St. Patrick’s Day craft projects, learning some new finger plays and songs, and doing some shape sorting activities. On Friday we will be making and wearing our Leprechaun hats, going on a shamrock hunt, making a fun snack, and hoping to catch a Leprechaun or two that are up to some mischief!

As we prepare our hearts for Good Friday, my students have been joining the PK4 and Kindergarten students to learn about the crucifixion and suffering of Jesus through the Stations of the Cross. Ms. B is doing an excellent job of simplifying it for them.

Thank you for continuing to send your children in their winter clothing, even though some days may get quite warm the playground and the playground equipment can be cold and wet.
As always thank you for sharing your child with us!