Pre-School 4

From Mrs. Waltz, January 4, 2018

Brrr! The children in my class were all eager to come back to school after such a cold Christmas vacation.

January is the month when we do a different science experiment every week. We’ll learn about magnets, mixing colors, and measurement. We use metal balls and magnets to make interesting art projects, melt snow with food coloring to see the colors mixing to make new colors, and the children make an art project using various rulers and markers. Mice will dance in blue, yellow and red paint to make brand new colors. Using blue and yellow play dough, we review the book Little Blue and Little Yellow where they hug so hard that they become green! During our measurement unit we learn about volume, height and weight. Who is the tallest in our class? Which is heavier—cotton balls or pom poms? Will the water be higher in a wide glass or narrow glass if the glasses are the same height? We’ll discover the answers to all these during the month of January!!

This week our Letter of the Week is “P.” Penguins, pumpkins, pigs and the book Pout-Pout Fish. We’ll do patterning, matching, memory games, shapes and colors, penmanship and letter sounds; all while learning about the letter P!

January will be an exciting and eventful month for us.