Pre-School 4

From Mrs. Waltz, January 5, 2017

We are back from Christmas vacation and all my children were eager to see their school friends again. During our morning meeting time, the children enjoyed telling us about some Christmas presents they received. They are always so excited to tell us about their new toys.

My class will begin attending Mass every Wednesday for the remainder of the school year. I am looking forward to this opportunity every week.

I have lots of educational and fun activities planned for the month of January. Themes planned for the month include Hat and Mitten, Penguins, Snow and Snowmen. These themes involve art projects, stories, worksheets, and activities to develop pre-reading skills. January is also when we have various science lessons such as Color Magid, Measurement and Magnets. Each unit takes 2 or 3 days to accomplish and includes many fun activities.

This month we begin the next SuperKids unit, the new Letter of the Week, and many new stories. We learn many reading readiness skills in our SuperKids lessons: left and right, rhyming, syllabication, beginning sounds, colors, letter recognition and counting.

Each week we enjoy play time with the PreK 3 class a couple of times. The children play with each other and learn to share their toys with the children from another class. Sometimes we even have snack with the other class, too.

Since the children will be playing outside every day that it isn't too cold, we need to be ready for snow forts and snomen on the playground and lots of choldren climbing the snowbanks as they get bigger and bigger. Fun, fun, fun!