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School Work 0 Mrs. H 04/02/2020 04/02/2020
Remember to pick up your new 3 week packet THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1-3pm.
What Counts 1 Mrs. H 03/27/2020 03/30/2020
Teach Them What Counts Most by Karen Salmansohn 1. Kindness 2. Faith 3. Gratitude 4. Resilience 5. Courage 6. Effort 7. Integrity 8. Politeness 9. Generosity 10. Humor &n... read more
Sing a Preschool Song 0 Mrs. Zeien 03/24/2020 03/24/2020
Hi Everyone,  I just finished listening to Mrs. Medley's raining gumdrops song on the Fine Arts & PE page!  It brightened my day!  I miss seeing all your faces:)
Hello 0 Mrs. H 03/23/2020 03/23/2020
Hi everyone! As we begin this week, I hope everyone is doing well. To say I miss everyone, is an understatement!! Please remind your kids to start "at the top", when writing letters.... read more
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 0 Mrs. H 03/17/2020 03/17/2020
Good morning! As we begin our new "normal" I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully most of you have the packets that were sent home. I ask that you slowly have your child work on these. Ple... read more